How to redesign your bathroom

We're all about the idea of renovating our bathrooms—until the time actually comes to do it. Tearing up everything and starting from scratch is not only terrifying from a budget standpoint, but also from a design one. What if your vision doesn't turn out? Is it really going to look that much better? And what if you're working with almost no space to begin with? Nightmare status, right there. But this small bathroom makeover is so impressive, it will convince you it's time to take the plunge.

One of our favorite home decor bloggers, Dabito from Old Brand New, recently remodeled his small master bedroom, and while we had no doubt it would be flawless, the result totally exceeded our expectations. For the record, this is what he started with.

Not bad, but not exactly design goals. Opting for champagne bronze hardware, ("it has a neutral gold tone that compliments any color palette," Dabito wrote) and green cement tiles for the floor, he took a bathroom from blah to beyond stunning.

In addition to the tile and hardware, he added a floating sink, a storage ledge (PSA: These are super hot for 2019), and some plants and artwork. And the best part? It only took him one month to complete—and it was a pretty large project. "There was not a single thing we saved in this bathroom, except for a recessed light in the shower," he wrote. We bow down.

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